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Anatomy Text

Anatomy: Development, Function, Clinical Correlations

Anatomy: Development, Function, Clinical Correlations
by William J. Larsen, PhD

Table of Contents
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The human body masterfully explained for medical students...

  • Frameworks for learning organize the information and speed up learning
  • Innovative illustrations show overviews, details, and the body in motion.
  • Embryological development helps clarify normal function and clinical disorders
  • Shaded text shows clinical discussions

This concise, well-illustrated textbook of gross anatomy emphasizes basic principles, functional aspects, and the clinical significance of anatomy. It follows a standard regional organization and covers the essential anatomy a medical student needs to know for class and for the USMLE. The illustrations consist of straightforward, detailed two-color diagrams that focus on functional anatomy. Clinical correlations throughout make anatomy concepts relevant to the practice of medicine. The easy-to-read style and student-friendly design elements aid the learning process by relating details to larger concepts.

What sets this gross anatomy textbook apart from all the rest?

  • No dry lists! The guiding principle of this text is to provide a logical framework for every topic that helps organize the information and fits structural details within a context. Bullets, tables, and shaded clinical text provide an efficient way for the student to learn this complex subject.

  • Illustrations clearly display spatial and functional relationships of structures as well as detailed views. No other book presently available combines a logical explanation of anatomical concepts with illustrations from an artist with extensive experience illustrating clinical anatomy for surgeons.

  • Embryonic development becomes a framework for understanding both normal function and clinical disorders. Knowledge of the developmental outcomes of genetic information-the effects of the human genome-will play an increasingly important clinical role in the future both for diagnostic purposes and effective healthcare.

The author's experience, enthusiasm and talent for teaching are evident in his writing

  • The book reflects his 25 years of personal commitment to quality medical education.
  • He developed questions for Medical Boards while serving on the National Board of Medical Examiners' Anatomy Test Committee
  • He also served on the Developmental Biology & Human Genetics Task Force at the NBME

Product Details
Paperback, 752 pages, publication date: MAY-2002
ISBN-13: 978-0-7216-4646-6
ISBN-10: 0-7216-4646-8

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