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New Human Embryology

Human Embryology

Larsen's Human Embryology, 4th Edition
by Gary C. Schoenwolf

Book Description
William Larsen's original Human Embryology text for medical students was the first to incorporate modern experimental research into a subject that had traditionally been taught in a strictly descriptive style. The fourth edition of this book, released in 2009, was renamed Larsen's Human Embryology in recognition of Dr. Larsen's place as the originator of this revolutionary text. It carries on the goal of illustrating the relevance of current basic research to classical medical embryology and helps explain how clinical disorders arise from embryologic problems. New discoveries related to the human genome have expanded this field into exciting new territories. The online option offered with the 4th edition text continues the tradition of providing animations that bring to life illustrations of sequential developmental stages.

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Earlier editions of Human Embryology have been published in eight languages. Here are some sample animations created from figures in the original text.

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